e-Commerce Platform

With our trustworthy turnkey e-commerce software platform Vendesk, we don’t just turn your dreams into a reality; we create new alternative realities and online markets for you right after we specially design and customize them in a way that best fits your business model.

All the valuable features you ever dreamt of for your online business from A to Z can be readily made available with Vendesk, endlessly adjusted, and delivered to you in a fast and professional manner.

Looking into optimizing the overall online shopping experience of your customers? Our E-commerce Platform helps you facilitate the process for your shoppers by regularly offering them unique deals, discounts, bundles, and coupons, linking them to different social media outlets to simplify the way they browse and purchase products, and so much more – all of this can simultaneously happen as our platform stores ‘intelligent’ data for you regarding who your most loyal customers are, what the most popular products happen to be, and other shopping-related patterns that will certainly help you manage your online sales more precisely and systematically.

You don’t need to look any further: With Vendesk, the future is the present.



Why Vendesk?

1- Web Portal

When it comes to building a professional website, business owners have many elements they can rely on to boost their sales. Some of the basics we can offer you include, (but are not limited to): Personalized appearance, multi-channel hub, marketing and sales booster, product management, shipping, payments, secure hosting and control, order fulfillment, third party integrations, and 24/7 support. After all, strengthening your online presence all begins with arming yourself with the right tools.

2- Mobile Apps

Just like our Web Portal, our Android and IOS mobile apps are also fast, secure, and fully equipped with multiple plugins. Because it’s been predicted that by 2021, almost half of all online sales will be due to transactions people initiate on their mobile phones, a website these days is almost of no value if it isn’t accompanied with a user-friendly and practical mobile app. And we know just how to make that happen to help to make your business stand out, and take off.

3- Robust Backend

With a highly experienced and professional team, you’ll never have to worry about backend cloud storage/processes, push notifications, geolocation, user/login management, and integration to third party systems (if applicable) ever again. Our skilled developers will take care of all of these details, and more, to personally customize everything in the website and mobile app so that your business can run smoothly, and efficiently.

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